Content filtering is a vital part of any Public Wi-Fi system. Being able to protect your customers from the dark corners of the internet and such things as pornography, terrorist websites and file sharing programs is a key part of your duty of care to your clients. It’s not just your customers you’re protecting, it’s you as the broadband bill payer. If someone were to carry out illegal activity on your broadband connection, would you know? Would you be able to prove to the authorities that it wasn’t you?

No content filtering system is 100% failsafe, however, as a supplier of Public Wi-Fi it is your responsibility to make ‘best efforts’ to protect you and your customers from harmful content. Content filtering, as part of the Horizon Public Wi-Fi system does exactly that. Horizon will enforce customer acceptance of Terms & Conditions, apply Content Filtering to your connection and log the unique ID of every device that connects to your Wi-Fi and what time it connected. With all of these things in place you can be sure you’re providing to your customers a safe, secure and legally compliant Public Wi-Fi system.