Nexus Technology Services strive to provide our customers with the tools to let technology work for them, our products and services are designed to allow any size of business use and benefit from technology and the information it provides.

Nexus is the home of Horizon our public broadband service that works for any business, with public Wi Fi now becoming an expectation in today’s world Horizon provides the security and professional approach to offer the services to your customers. Horizon however offers so much more than this and provides information on those using the service meaning you also get a readymade platform to market to your client base.

Nexus also provides Social + our social media integration, so many business have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Linked in etc, but fail due to workload and knowledge to unlock the potential this can offer, Social + from Nexus will manage this on your behalf and ensure you get the messages that matter out to your current and potential clients.

Nexus can also provide your broadband and network connections to support our services and we specialise in getting the best speeds and connections for your business, in today’s fast moving world this is vital to ensure you get the most from technology and the opportunities this brings.

Look around and find out how we could help you and your business.